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Freelance illustrator, designer and muralist based in Portugal, Typru is inspired by nature, color and the environments that surround her.
By capturing their essence, she aims to create atmospheres of escape, joy and light. She loves to play with shapes and spaces on all kinds of media to bring color and dreams to everyday life.
A 27-year-old multidisciplinary artist from France, Prunelle (Typru) is involved in various projects combining illustration and typography across different media.
With a background in graphic design and digital media, she discovered visual communication in an agency in 2016. Then, eager to broaden her skills to digital creation, she specialized in motion graphics in 2017. At the same time, she worked in various studios creating spectacular immersive experiences and personal visual projections for light festivals. There she discovered the impact of large-scale art in the fields of visual arts. Graduating from Gobelins Paris School of Visual Arts in 2018, she launched herself as a freelancer and has since been developing a colorful and dynamic universe. Giving life to her own worlds, she loves to create dreams and convey joy in cheerful, graphic compositions.
During the Covid period in 2020, she picked up her brushes again and began working on murals, where she rediscovered her desire to transform the atmosphere of public places using space and volume.  Since then, she has explored and experimented with a variety of plastic and digital illustration techniques - always drawing her inspiration from the travels, patterns and environments that surround her. Today, the result of her work manifests itself in a variety of forms and media. From letters to painted, printed, animated or video-projected images, her aim is to take viewers on a journey into peaceful and colorful worlds.
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